Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue Monday

Photo by Zella

Some bloggers give each day a 'photo name'. Enden from Australia follows these themes:
   Blue Monday or Mellow Yellow Monday
   My World Tuesday
   Outdoor Wednesday
   Looking at the Sky Friday
  Weekend Reflections
  Shadow Shot Sunday or Scenic Sunday

When I saw this beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly, I just had to share - especially for Blue Monday.


Elaine said...

Oh, Connie, perfect photo for Blue Monday! That is one gorgeous butterfly.

Eden said...

Such a pretty butterfly and I agree with Elaine, that's a perfect photo for Blue Monday. It is wonderfully captured
By the way, thank you for featuring my name in this post. I was really surprised. I join many memes(in my other blog too)that sometimes I run out of pictures to post...hehehe..

Have a nice day to you always.


Leedra said...

Very pretty butterfly. Thanks for sharing.