Photo by Connie
 My Grand-daughter Jessica Dundas - 14 years old
Poem written April 17, 2012

 The Lifeguard  

Don't swim with the current of life,
For it is full of evil and strife.
Never try to swim with the flow,
For it holds more sin than you know.
But swim forever against the current,
Though the way seems cold and hard;
If you fall, you will be helped up,
For the Lord, He is the Lifeguard.

Show the way to those who are drowning,
Smile back at those who are frowning.
Help the ones who don't know the way,
For remember, that was you one day.
Swim with those who have trouble swimming,
Help heal those who badly are marred;
To the thirsty, hand them a cup,
For the Lord, He is the Lifeguard.

Give thanks when there seems no reason,
Praise the Lord no matter the season.
Find joy in all that you do,
For the Lord, He watches over you.
Remember, you function not on your own strength,
Because the Lord for you has been scarred;
When things are down, just look up,
For the Lord, He is the Lifeguard.


Photo by Connie
Poem written by niece-in-law,
Rebecca Lacock May 13, 2012

hello, you flower
such beauty!
a study of colors
a delight of intricacies and textures and secrets
tumbled together in such order
you whisper and shout



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sushmitha said...

That was so awesome.. Really nice to read again and again.. Thanks for the healing words through your poem..