Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Peonies Don't Like The Rain

The rain has been destroying my peonies almost as fast as they reached full bloom.

A few days of sunshine made the new blooms very happy! Me Too!
I have to hold up each flower to get a good view - they are so heavy they quickly fall over. Here my hand reaches only half way across the flower - to the stem.

I am amazed at how tall a single flower can get. Not only is each bloom wider than my hand, the layers of petals are really thick.


Elaine said...

Your peonies are beautiful. How disappointing for you that they don't do well in the rain. They are a flower that I have never grown, but I have been tempted to try them.

Hollace said...

Mine got wrecked by the rain, too, but I had them for a few days.

We transplanted them once and it took about 3 years for the blooms to return. So, I am glad to see them when they come up!

The Hobbit said...

such beauty just amazes me.I'm with you,is there is nothing to compare with a peonie,they are in a class by themselves.

Eden said...

These are beautiful peonies. I don't have peonies in my garden but I like to plant some after winter. Great photos as always, Connie.