Saturday, July 2, 2011

At The Marina

Ah, we had a safe and wonderful 45 minute trip to the Marina, via the freeways and through the cities. We are at the top of the boat launch and the tide is moving out fast. The water is much lower than expected (we were given a boat launch time so our options are closed). The boys are in running mode - everything had to be checked and performed at full speed ...

The marina floats on the water and the roofs of the houseboats are low in the sky line. At high tide they would be taller than the boat. You can just barely see peaks of the Olympic Mountains above the roof line.

Kendal is busy checking the ramp, the steepness of the ramp, the low water, the tightness of the straps - the boat and trailer will have one final steep drop and we do not want the boat to break loose.

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Hollace said...

Yikes, this makes me tense just reading it. I've always thought that having a boat is not all glory.