Monday, April 29, 2013

Removing Banners

To put things into perspective, I will start with the last photo.
A year ago Mr. Hubby and son hung 40 foot banners on an 80 foot light tower 
at a baseball stadium. Here you see the towers with the banners gone.

Yesterday was the day to remove the banners - four of them, one for each side. The banners had hotdog advertising on them which my son had printed in his print shop.

In this photo two banners have been removed (on the ground) and you only see the white backs of the other two. They are getting into position to remove the other two.

Yes, that is my son working from the tower itself.
I have broken out in a cold sweat - looking at it is enough for me. The men in my life keep me on my knees praying.


Montanagirl said...

Well, since I'm afraid of heights, I'd have to leave that type of work to your guys!

Eden said...

I would do the same, always pray for their safety. I am afraid of heights too.

The Hobbit said...

Finally my computer is allowing me to make comments. Have no idea what happened but, it must have fixed itself. Or,maybe it got scared seeing your son on that climb. My husband would need depends to make that trip. I have to drag him over bridges.....he just doesn't like to have his feet leave the ground.Kudos to your husband also.No one will dare imply he is over the hill.