Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ticks of the Trade

 It is Saturday and the day if full of extra work. It is time for some of the tricks of the trade.

#1 Train the grandson!

He is measuring and learning how to get things lined up. 
Looks like he has learned a trick of his own - #2 Keep some tape handy!

Trick #3 Arrange trailers so the wind does not keep whipping things apart.

Here you can see the width of the vinyl - every 4 feet everything has to be lined up carefully - matching teeth, the lips, the nose, the lettering - anything and everything.


Montanagirl said...

That's some precision work - and I love your header!

Eden said...

He is such a great helper. Great tricks of the trade :)

The Hobbit said...

Keep it in the family ....that's what I say.